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Slash grocery bills by $100s without coupons!

Do you buy onions? Odds are you don't—you buy "onion." And that's your first mistake. Even if you're single, buying onions as well as potatoes, apples, oranges, and other produce by the bag makes sense, because you can save a lot of cents! Pound for pound, bags can chop your costs by 30% or more. And onions last for months when they're stored properly so stock up! Here's another trick: Weigh those bags of produce; they're all the same price but not exactly the same weight so you'll wring out more savings by buying the heaviest bag. Have a listen to Episode #2 for a ton of easy tricks like these to try at the supermarket. We'll also cover:

  • The new top-rated detergents.

  • What to do if a retailer goes bankrupt.

  • The best time to find amazing travel deals.

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