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Psst! An insider reveals how to get great deals on spa services

Want deep discounts on deep-tissue massages and other spa services? In Episode #6 a licensed massage therapist, Peter Heimuller of Cloud 9 Therapeutic Massage, tells you how to get 'em. He also shares tips on how to spot red flags at spas and in the fine print of massage-chain contracts and which spa-product ingredients to watch out for. Finally, he'll tell you what you need to know about the hottest new ingredient, CBD, a cannabis-derived compound that's showing up in massage oils, body butters, and moisturizers. (Here's a website we mention where you can buy high-quality CBD products: Beyond Botanicals. Peter has developed exclusive CBD products for this company. Full disclosure: Peter is Mandy's significant other!)

In this episode we also cover:

  • How to avoid payment app fraud.

  • Upcoming changes to online sales tax charges.

  • The best time to book summer travel.

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