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When pet insurance is—and isn't—worth it

If you have a pet, the fear of facing a major vet bill is always in the back of your mind. The truth is you could be one torn ACL ($3,000) or cancer treatment ($5,000) away from an empty checking account. In Episode #7, we'll talk about when pet insurance pays and when it might not. So are we buying it? Find out in this episode! We'll also talk about what you can do to cut down your vet bills. (If you decide to shop for a policy, here are some insurers we mention: ASPCA, Embrace, Healthy Paws, Nationwide, PetFirst, Petplan, and Trupanion. For more info, check out Mandy's great article on the subject and the Humane Society's website, which has more tips and info on getting help if you can't afford vet bills.)

Plus, we'll cover:

*How to take advantage of some cool new perks for Amazon Prime members.

*A safety warning for the owners of cars with push-button ignitions.​

*One thing you should always look for on vitamin and supplement labels, and why you might want to skip multivitamins. (Two subscription websites we recommend are and NutritionAction.)

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