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8 dollar-store saving secrets even the pros (probably!) don't know

In Episode #8, we share our favorite hacks for snagging the best deals at dollar stores—and how to steer clear of the duds. We'll also tell you essential dos and don'ts for buying food. (Hint: Dollar-store versions of foods you buy at the grocery store may have different ingredients.)

Plus, we'll cover:

  • Why you should put freezes on your credit-bureau accounts NOW (if you haven't already done so), and an update about a new law that lets you get them FREE. (Here are the numbers to call: Equifax 1-800-349-9960; Experian 1-888-397-3742; and TransUnion: 1-888-909-8872).

  • Amazon's blacklist for returning too much stuff.

  • How today's rising interest rates can help—or hurt—you, and what you should do now to prepare. (Sites we mention include Bankrate, NerdWallet, and FindABetterBank.)

  • A little know store policy that could save you a ton of money: It's called price protection. If you buy something and the price drops, you can request a refund of the price difference. Credit cards also offer price protection. But tracking prices and requesting a refund can be time consuming, so some apps now automate the process for you. Are they worth it? (Apps we mention include Earny, Paribus, Swiggle, Moolah, and Slice.)

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