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How to get a better deal on pet supplies, cars, & movies too!

Yep, we cover it all! In Episode #11, our main topic is slashing your pet costs because cats and dogs (and birds too!) can obliterate your furniture—and all of your savings! According to the ASPCA, the average pet owner shells out well over $1,000 a year per pooch or kitty. We reveal easy ways to cut the cost of your critter's food, medicine, and toys. We also discuss some important safety concerns you need to know about pet toys. (For more ways to save on pets, check out our podcast Episode #7 on pet insurance and ways to cut vet bills!)

Sites we mention in this discussion include: (which was recenly offering 20% off your first repeat delivery) (which lists the costs of the pet meds it carries) (which was recently offering 5% off when you buy online and pick up your order at a store) (which was recently offering 20% off your first repeat delivery)

Also:,, and

Apps we mention: Honey, Piggy

Plus, we cover:

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