Shop Target & Walmart like the savviest bargain-hunters!

August 17, 2018


Just shopping at Target or Walmart instead of going to a local supermarket or other retail store is a great way to save big. But you could be saving even more. What do the savviest Target and Walmart shoppers know that you don't? In Episode #16, we'll tell you the secrets to snagging the best deals at both stores and their websites. (Sites and apps we recommend: eBates, Flipp, Shopular, and

Plus, we reveal:

  • How to avoid getting scammed by thieves at gas pumps.

  • A no-brainer way to save that can net you thousands of extra dollars for retirement. (Site we mention: The New York Times and Fidelity.)

  • A savings secret every Costco fan needs to know! (Sites we mention: GoodRx, WeRx,

  • How not to get burned by layaway plans. Yes, it's already that time of year to sign up!


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