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5 ways to score truly great outlet deals—and avoid fake ones!

In Episode #21 we tell you the truth about outlets. Don't get us wrong, we LOVE the outlets. They're a fun and entertaining way to score fantastic deals—but they can also be a minefield because they're loaded with fake bargains.

What do we mean by fake bargains? Well, if you shop the outlets, you're probably already aware that most outlet merch is made for outlets, so the quality and styles generally aren't the same as regular retail stores. Not a big deal; the quality is typically lower but still pretty good, and some stores mark their outlet goods with different labels so you know what you're getting. But here's the problem: "Original" prices on many outlet items may not mean anything because the goods never sold at that price. So that "70% discount" sign can throw off your bargain radar and get you to buy things that aren't exactly great deals.

That said, the outlets do offer great buys—you just need to know when, where, and how to find them. In our latest episode, we'll tell you all the tricks you need to know to bag the really big deals. Plus, we'll share some new things we discovered about outlets that might surprise you, and save you money too! (Websites we mention include and

We also cover:

  • Saving on restaurants, hotels, and entertainment with the new and improved Entertainment Coupon book.

  • What shoppers need to do to protect themselves from the latest Facebook security breach.

  • Why women pay higher credit card interest rates and what they can do about it. (Website we mention:

  • A worthwhile investment to protect your family during a major hurricane, tornado, or other natural disaster. (Website we recommend:

  • Plus, our favorite things this week are the Dyson V-7 (about $300) or V-8 ($400) vacs and the Miele C1 vac ($400).

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