5 ways save on groceries before, during, and after the holidays

October 27, 2018



In Episode #23, we swap great tips about saving on groceries for the holidays and beyond. Our guest, Jody Rohlena, a savings expert and editor at Reader's Digest, shares her favorite new places to get amazing deals on organic foods and more, plus other money-saving tricks, including a surprising shopping-list makeover. (Websites we mention: Brandless, Boxed, and Thrive Market.)

We also cover:

  • The real costs of same-day grocery delivery services from Costco and Amazon.

  • What you need to know about shopping for a health insurance plan. (Helpful websites we recommend: Insure.com and the Wall Street Journal.)

  • Where you CAN'T shop on Thanksgiving. (For a list of store closures, click here.)

  • Three reasons you should download the Honey app now. (Coupons, price-drop alerts, cash back! And, no, we're not being paid to recommend it.)

  • Why we're crazy about Talika eye-therapy patches.

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