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6 common food labels that can hurt your health

When you're at the grocery store, do you look for foods that say "natural," "multigrain," or "fat free" on the label? How about "gluten free," "light," or "reduced sugar"? Well, those products might not be as good for you as you think!

In Episode #30, we tell you how to outsmart food labels so you can save money and your health! Product labels are like mini billboards; they're designed to get you to buy the product and feel good about your purchase. The problem is that what you see on the front of that box of cereal or can of soup in some cases may be diverting your attention away from better choices. In this podcast, we'll tell you about tricky labels you’ll find on many packaged foods like cereals, pasta, cookies, breads, and canned foods. (We’ll cover dairy, eggs, and other fresh foods, as well as cosmetics and personal care products in future episodes.)

Plus, we cover how to avoid getting tricked by counterfeits when you're shopping online. The problem isn't limited to handbags and other designer goods. A government study recently uncovered counterfeit cosmetics and even electronics, including iPhone charging cords that could cause a fire. Here's a guide by Consumer Reports on how to spot a fake.

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