Great freebies you don't want to miss!

January 13, 2019



In Episode #32, we rave about our favorite stuff you can get for nothing, nada, zippo! Because what could be a better deal than free? Our freebie list includes fashion stylists, beauty makeoverscoffeepancakespizza, frozen yogurtgreeting cards, tax prep and software, and a lot more. (One site we recommend is


But watch out for scams! Here are a few freebie dos and don'ts we cover in the podcast.

  • DO set up a separate email account for freebie offers.

  • DON’T give up sensitive personal info or phone numbers. (Hint: Have a "freebie birthday.")

  • DO note on your calendar when you need to cancel free trials before your credit card is charged—and only give credit-card info to legit companies like Amazon and Pandora. NEVER share that info with companies you've never heard of.

  • DON'T fall for offers that require shipping fees or other charges.


We also cover:

  • How to save big bucks on sheets, towels, TVs, and a lot more.

  • Life-changing electronics that will blow your mind, including a folding machine. (You MUST check out the video here!).

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