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Uncover hidden discounts with this one trick!

In Episode #35, we'll tell you how to save on practically anything. The secret: Learn how to be a better negotiator. Whether you're a haggling wimp or an old pro, we promise this episode will give you some new tricks you can try at stores, flea markets, car dealerships, outlets, and even online! Haggling with online retailers can score you some of the biggest discounts, according to a Consumer Reports survey. And negotiating for big-ticket items, such as furniture, electronics, and cars, can save you hundreds of dollars or more. So don't be shy—if you know how, you can haggle with ease no matter what you're shopping for! And when you ask for a better price, you can uncover discounts you never even knew existed.

We also cover:

  • Why drinking fruit juices might be bad for your health.

  • Why February is a great month to buy mattresses, appliances, humidifier, and more. Plus what not to buy this month.

  • A new beauty program at CVS that might surprise you.

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