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CBD: What you need to know about the hottest health craze

In Episode #37, we interview an industry insider about all things CBD. The substance, which is extracted from cannabis plants (but doesn't make you high!), is turning up in massage oils, moisturizers, cookies, smoothies, vape liquids, and tons of other products, including pet treats. CBD is a red-hot health trend—it's also controversial because of confusion swirling around its legality. Officials in some cities like Detroit and New York are cracking down on some CBD products and removing them from store shelves.

Our guest is Mark Maher of Beyond Botanicals, which makes hemp-extract products, including tinctures and oils. He gives us the lowdown on CBD as well as some important shopping advice.

In this episode, we also cover:

  • Why Dyson stick vacs got pulled from the Consumer Reports recommended list.

  • What you should know about shopping on Instagram.

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