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Are you wasting money on insurance you don’t need?

In Episode #39, we'll tell you about policies you can safely skip, which can save you hundreds of dollars in premiums every year. Hot Shopping Tips co-host, Mandy Walker, who has covered insurance for more than a decade, will explain why products like whole life, life insurance for kids, critical-illness policies (we're looking at you Aflac duck!), wedding coverage, and extended warranties may not be worth it. Other policies you should think twice about include pet, car-rental, and cell-phone insurance.

We also cover:

  • What you need to know about price-matching at Walmart. The Walmart app is ditching its Savings Catcher feature—boo!—but Walmart will still match competitors' prices—sometimes.

  • The risks and rewards of the new key-making kiosks. Companies like KeyMe, Minute Key, and Key Machine make it cheap and easy to copy just about any key, but as the New York Times reports, downloading the apps and setting up accounts might not be worth it.

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