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Simple steps to create a healthy, toxin-free home!

In Episode #42, we talk to healthy home experts Lisa & Ron Beres about free and low-cost ways to cut toxins and improve your health. We cover simple steps like avoiding certain "air freshening" products, making your own nontoxic cleaners, and taking off your shoes when you enter the house. Ron and Lisa are Building Biologists and Certified Green Building Professionals. Lisa is the author of the children’s book “My Body My House.” Together, they are co-authors of “Just GREEN It!,” “Learn to Create a Healthy Home!” and “The 9 to 5 Greened: 10 Steps to a Healthy Office with Sally Jessy Raphael.” Check out their website,, where you can sign up for a free webinar!

We also cover:

  • The best stuff to buy in April at grocery stores, home centers, and more.

  • A new Walmart service that makes it easy to snag their best deals.

  • A clever new way to save on kids' clothing.

  • And more ways to save!

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