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10 ways to save big by cutting credit card, bank & insurance costs

In Episode #52, you'll learn easy tips to save hundreds of dollars a year by slashing financial waste. Bank and credit cards eat away at your budget with interest payments, late charges, and fees for checking accounts, overdraft coverage, ATM usage, and a lot more. But you can probably avoid most or even all of those money wasters with our tips. (A handy tool we mention in the podcast is's Credit Card Calculator. For more info about cutting credit card debt, check out Episode #31.) We'll also help you shave your insurance premiums by getting rid of unneeded coverage (Episode #39 has a full list of policies you can safely skip). Finally, we'll tell you how to rack up more savings by finding CDs and savings accounts that maximize your returns. (Check out NerdWallet's CD calculator.)

We also cover:

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